Opening bids


This page gives just an outline to some frequently found sequences in the first 4 bids.

Beta ACOL opening bids are mostly natural:
That's all looking straightforward wouldn't you agree? However the above is slightly simplified, full specification is given only in the full text.
There are simple rules for choosing an opening of one in suit (when stronger openings are excluded 2, 2, 2 & 2):

Opener's rebids:

Some basic responses to opening bids

Every change to a new suit in the first four bids is to be considered as FORCING - on rare occasions a PASS could be best. However a potentially light 3rd hand opening may be readily PASSed. A new suit at the 3-level will be strictly game forcing. A fourth suit bid or a cue-bid of opponents suit are also forcing. If RHO overcalls partner's opening Beta uses a different approach to ACOL - see detailed texts.

Responders rebids

Some general principals are considered here after 3 suits are bid: - please respect this is only a selection - full detail given in the texts.

3/ opening weak - strong Specific 5+-5+ & LTC 5-8 or even 4LTC

Either both red suits or both majors can be shown respectively. Must be in the range, conservedly, of 5-8LTC & a strict minimum of 5-5.  It caters for rarer 6-5 6-6 even 6-7!
Simple fits cn be shown directly. 3-level  bids are NOT invitational
With intervention raises become, to play or are pre-emptive in nature.
3NT Forcing, (If intervention PASS & *** replace 1st & 2nd steps responses  NEXT & NEXT+1 are 3rd & 4th stepsasks about the shortage - four   steps are : 4  Club shortag, 4 'Other' Shortage 4 Club Void & at least 6-5 & 4. 'Other void

2 opening - Forcing. 3 types of hand  & 3 types of Response: . 

We include this detail here as many players have misunderstandings or little knowledge of a 2D Multi opening

Types of hand:

  1. Weak major 2 - with a 6 or poor 7 card suit- shown by PASS if partner responds 2, 2, 3 or 3
  2. 5-5 or better: either Clubs & Hearts OR Diamonds and Spades - following sequences as in 3 & 3 openings.
  3. 19-20 Balanced hand - may contain a 5 card suit - shown with 2N or 3N (over 2N response only)
Types of responses:
  1. Strong: 2NT: shows either: 12-15HCP with support to at least  the 3-level in both Majors (requires at least xx) OR  (15)+ HCP
  2. Weak responses 2S! Showing either hearts 4 card Hearts or 3 cards hearts headed with a top honour: AKQ  OR simply 2H! Denying Hearts - requests partner to PASS or transfer or show other types of 2 openings
  3. Pre-emptive responses: 3NT: 5-5 or better in both minors OR 3 minor showing a 7 card suit headed by a top honour AKQ
Handling intervention:
As used consistently thoughout the system if partners 2D opening is overcalled PASS except with the strong response then ***
If intervention occurs after partners response then * shows the Strong 2NT hand. Also 3
will have usual meaning . 3 can be 6 card if partner denied Heart support  or 3 showing 7 card Hearts

That's a taster! Now get to the real detail!