Rebids following a 2 over 1 response


This is a critical situation in Beta ACOL - somewhat similar to that in SAYC.
It must be well understood.

This situation is somewhat eased in BetaAcol due to:
a) Responder  is required  to  give preference to majors, not length, in the 5-(11) HCP range and to give priority to length with (11)-(15)....
b) Responder with  (15)+  should  prefer  our strictly foring responses of a  Baron 2NT  with a balanced hand and a jump response with a good 5+ card suit. This keeps the likely probable range  for a 2 over 1 response to: (9)10+ to (15). The upper level is the same for a 1-level response

Responder must also bear in mind that a 2over1 response to a 3rd hand opening may be PASSED! - a 2/1 response loses its FORCING characteristic! Of course if opener has opening values (considered as 11+) a PASS is out-of-order!
Chances of game are not so likely if opener makes a sub opening bid if responder makes either a 1 over 1 or a 2 over 1 response, unless an excellent fit between the hands is located.

If your major opening bid had sub-opening values: 10-11 HCP then a 2NT rebid should not be considered.
Your Options in order of preference are as follows:

(a) Rebid your (5)6 card major with no 2nd suit
(b) Rebid a 2nd 4+ card unbid suit at the 2-level if your major is 5 card
(c) Raise partner's suit with 4+ card major or minor support
(d) Rebid only a quality 5 card Major suit
(e) PASS!  In Betaacol change of suit is forcing. One must PASS only if:-
Your opening was a light 3rd hand opening
Your opening was a minimum Major opening on 10-11HCP and you do not have options (a) or (b) or (c) after partner's response
Do NOT consider 2NT except perhaps with a good 11HCP

If on the other hand you have opened with a  12-14(15) solid opening then your options are as follows:

(a) Rebid your 6 card suit
(b) Rebid a new 4+ card suit if opening suit is 5+ cards if it can be made at the 2-level. 3-level, without jump, only with 14(15).
(c) Raise  partner's suit with 4 card support
(d)  Rebid  2NT ideal if  holding  partial guards in  both the remaining suits
If none of the above are available then usually PASS is not an option with a solid opening. Your possible options are then as follows:
(e) Raise partners suit on 3 cards or with a doubleton with a top honour.
(f) Rebid your 5 card Major ideal if it has 6+ HCP. Be aware partner will consider this to be a 6 card suit.
(g) Rebid 2NT with 3-3 in the remaining suits. If partner inquires with the 'other' minor (showing game values), rebid your suit showing 5 cards, otherwise bid 3NT
(h) PASS is NOT permitted!

If opener has (15)+ there will be a possible game - rebid as follows:

(a) Jump rebid in a good 6+ card suit - as above
(b) Raise partner with 4+ card support - as above
(c) With 5-4 or better: rebid in your 2nd suit without jump even at 3-level (high reverse)
 Note: in Beta we also accept this bid in a  new 3 card suit with 2 top honours
 It is also 'a new suit at the 3-level' - a game forcing bid in Betaacol giving partner a free bid to further best describe his holdings.
(d) Jump rebid in a new short (2-3 card) suit with two top honours - shows a single suited hand!
(e) Rebid 3NT if fairly balanced e.g. with a doubleton in partner's suit. With good guards, Some 5422 hands may well be included.
(f) With a poor fitting 15HCP and none of the above consider 2NT

Be aware if responder subsequently rebids his suit! then he is WEAK, <9 HCP, with a 6+ card suit and you must PASS unless you have 17-18 HCP. In this case possibly consider a game in partner's suit!

2NT Rebid Summary

Pay particular attention to making a 2NT rebid as opener:

Its strict range is 12-14 with but a little leniency both ways.  So with any light opening or 3rd hand  opening PASS
It is a technical bid not necessarily promising guards in both unbid suits or even a balanced hand - but showing a good opening values.
There is just one forcing artificial reply possible: that's in a previously UNBID minor - giving responder a free bid  to best further describe his hand
Other responses may be rebids (6+ cards), raising partner (3+ cards), or even  3NT with a suitable hand and nothing else appealing!
Seriously consider PASS if without an obvious bid and <12 HCP with 2-3 card supprt - do not risk a 2NT bid
Responder can take you out of 2NT by raising or rebidding any suit that's previously been bid