Trump Request


There are 3 situations where Trump Requests can arise:

(i) 2C sequences:  E.g.  2C - 2H- 2NT is a trump inquiry in Hearts; 2C - 2H - 2S is a trump inquiry in Spades etc.
(ii) 1NT - 3X   (4 steps for X=Major; 2 steps for X=minor - these are the 3rd and 4th steps as 1st and 2nd are impossible)
(iii) 1X - JY

In case (i) A 2nd trump request can be made in a second suit if and only if the first suit got a negative reply (step 1)
In case (iii) If a negative is given to Y then the responder automatically rebids as if a trump request has been made in 'X'.

Thus: 1X - JY - next bid - then 4 step response for 'X'.

If my 'code'  is  unclear then  here's an example:

1H -  2S -  2NT(1st step, negative, opener shows Jx or less in Spades) - 3D(2nd step, limited support, responder shows Qx  ---  Jxx in Hearts)

There are usually 4 step responses to a Trump Request
These 4 steps will be the next 4 possible bids and NT bids by responder count as steps too

Step1 xx or less excluding Hx where H is AKQ

Step2 xxx or less excluding Hxx where H is AKQ

Step3 xxxx  or less excluding Hxxx where H is AKQ

Step4 xxxx headed by AKQ or any xxxxx

If intervention occurs prior to giving your response

The available 4 steps become:
  1. PASS
  2. ***
  3. Next bid
  4. Next+1 bid
There is just one exception to 4 steps when the request is made with a jump in a minor in response to a 1NT opening when there are just 2 steps - missing step 1 & 2. (As 1NT promises  Qxx or xxxx in any minor. See 1NT)

Subsequent bidding

Following a positive response (steps 2, 3 &4); control requests can follow OR  4NT for Kings & trumps are deemed agreed
Following a negative response (step 1) one more trump request can be made - if opening was 2, other options are rebid your suit at any level or any NT bid to play - except 4NT which is for kings & 5 of your suit which inquires for top honours in the trump suit
Following a negative response (step 1)   following  1suit -  Jnew suit  then the responder rebids as if a trump request is made in opener's suit - and if a positive response control requests follow else return to a previously  announced suit or NT contract

Note: In very strong two suited hands each 5+, then the choice of which to make a trump request in is important.
There are two guidelines:
 (a) Usually choose the one that uses up least bidding space
 (b) Avoid making a trump request in a solid suit
For example with x AQTxx AKQxxx x  Technically a 3 1/2 LTC. Choose 2 - 2 - 2NT...