'Attack is the best Defence'


Your RHO has opened 1 STRONG. This is a challenge you must meet immediately! Intervening will upset their preferred sequences...

Optional, following played with agreement only.

RHO has opened 1 and given you 2 valuable advantages! These are:
  1. This has gifted to you all the other 1-level bids - make use of them
  2. He has also failed to name any suit! - an invitation to block him
See my lips? INTERVENE!

We utilise TRAP

The opponents have shown 16+ and generally their first response shows  responders strength or his shape/suit.
So follow TRAP do not fear of being doubled - the opponents have more to lose than you do! And they believe they are still forward going... One can readily take away a full level of bidding - look at it like this: it takes away all advantage they wanted to get by opening low and get a maximum of bidding space to explore with! This helps to bring them roughly inline with our own 2C and other strong openings your team members may be using.
Responder must remember all TRAP bids are transfers (unless your RHO bids).
Once your partners overcall is understood, it may guide you into being able to take your interference further - and this would be excellent.
It may also provide you with a subsequent invaluable guide as to which opening lead to make.

TRAP may also be  used optionally as a defence over ACOL strong 2C openings.

What follows is played only with agreement.

Defence to artificial 1,  a VERY modified Roman  defence idea - that of treating the 'unusual with the unusual'.  The raison etre is that natural bidding  tends to bid FOR the opponents.

A further flaw in strong club systems is that they have to give up 1 as an  artificial bid too! As they invariably play 5 card majors, if they have a 4 card major they may well be opening 1 to hear what their partner has to say.
Similarly in 5 card suit openings including Diamonds by 45+ a 1C! opening has to be alerted as it could be 1 or 2 cards.
Again, aim to cramp their style so we do not overcall in our major suit - that would only help them, Instead follow this schema:

This is experimental however I used it with encouraging results in India where Strong Club openings are rampant! The following can be used over any 1! opening 12-15. Similar continuations over 1! 12-15 alerted  as 'can be 0-2 cards'.
If used over artificial 1! too (this generally is used to explore major 4 card fits so 1NT removes level 1 bids from the opposition without giving them information of any major we may hold). 1-1 Can possibly be used  to show a 16+ balanced hand T-O,  2 should always be used to show a natural Club suit 5+ possibly in protective position too.

The following bids, 2 & above, are as usual see defensive bidding.
This will give their system a situation their system was not designed to cope with!
The concept behind this is to treat an 'obscure' bid with obscurity!

It is noted too that a 1 opening alerted as 2 or less cards is very much in the same category and can be counteracted as above alternatively - only by agreement.