SWISS 4 or 4


SWISS bids are direct 4 or 4 jumps over an opening of 1 even with any opponent intervention.  
Ex .:  1
-2(opp)-4 OR 4
In Beta we use 2N following an intervention in a TRUSTCOTT style showing 4  card support and a raise to at least the 3-level  - operates for minor as well as Major Beta openings!

These SWISS bids all show a Balanced hands NO V|S & (15)16+ HCP with good 4+ card support. for partner's major.
If a SWISS bid is made following an opponent's intervention then there can be a shortage in the opponents bid or implied suit.
Note: SWISS bids are the antithesis of SPLINTERS! Splinters are not used in this system in direct response to Opening bids --- However Splinters are used in Beta over responder suit. E.g. 1-1-4♣|...or  1-1-4...

The difference between SWISS responses of 4 & 4 is:
4 promises EXCEPTIONAL trump support usually 6+ HCP in the trump suit.
This would reassure an opener who is concerned about the honour strength he holds in his suit - who might well otherwise not attempt a slam.

Those who adore the  splinter and abhor our  non-use in direct response  to a Major opening should understand our policy that responder has many ways to show a unbalanced hand in BETA, e.g using  DGR or a new suit with a jump,   also structuraly Beta needs partner to show his own suit in the first response (considered forcing on opener).

In Beta a strong balanced hand with 16+HCP without 4 card support for partner's opening suit may bid 2N baron.

Subsequent to suit agreement, eg SWISS bids, or delayed support(limit bids), In either case opener may continue to game or in Beta any new suit following direct or implied suit agreement is automatically a cue-bid (showing a control), inviting slam interest, & TURBO NOT NLACKWOOD follows!
Note: Cue-bidding can show Singletons and voids as well as Aces & useful Kings!

BETA fundamentally believes that responder shows his suit ASAP - this is important for many reasons - E.g. it helps determine how well the hands fit. It also can bring to light a useful double fit. Often critical too in deciding 'for or against' a SLAM venture!