Splinter Bids


Note: In Beta ACOL direct splinter bids over a 1Ma opening are NOT used.

In their place we prefer SWISS bids.

Instead we take the opportunity to show the responder's primary suit,  usually 5+ cards.
This change of suit is forcing and valuable knowledge for opener when required to judge slam posiibilities. This follows Fantoni's statement that it is imperative for a partnership to show their respective suits early in any auction. Thus we feel direct splinters are contrary to this principle.
Therefore responder shows his support through delayed game raise (DGR) limit raises.

We also remind Betaacol players that with (15)16+ HCP and a good 5+ card suit, an immedite single jump  is available. Note this is an automatic trump request and if there is a negative response you would then give your trump request responses in the opener's suit. Note the lower end of (15) requires a positive response to opener's suit.

The picture is entirely different when opener wishes to show at least game values in partners  response suit, whether a Major or minor suit, with a double jump in a shortage. E.g 1C - 1D - 3H! or 1H - 2D - 4S! or 1D - 1S - 4C. These are genuine Splinters.

Opener can also use our style 'mini splinters' to show his strength (15)16+  and distribution single-suited - also confirms his suit as 5+ cards - by making a single jump in an unbid  short suit  of  (1), 2 or 3 cards. This suit must contain A  and preferably a second top honour. Therefore it strictly denies 4 card support for partner but does not deny a 3 card support - which partner would show at his next bid unless direction of bidding is changed - e.g responder opts for a NT game (then he would not likely to have 5 cards in his suit nor would he have support for your primary suit) or game in your suit etc.
Bidding the 4th suit is forcing but at the same timeis  an inquiry looking to resolve a possible fit for his suit or a NT game or a move towards an eventual slam.

These mini splinters made on usually on 5332 distribution, compliment our non-forcing 2Ma openings where a 5-4 minimum distribution is required.