Strong 2-suited Overcalls


Strong 2-suited hands are measured by LTC which needs to lie in the following range:

4-6 LTC.
Stronger hands need to be announced by, * Forcing, as 2-suited overcalls are non-forcing

Jump minor cue-bids

1-3 & 1-3. These bids announce a strong Major 2-suited hand.
Usually 5-5 or better. Note these jump cue bids are not affected if the minor is alerted.

3 minor jump overcall

Take these examples: (i) - 3 or (ii) - 3
These bids show a strong 2-suited hand 5-5 in the bid minor and the highest ranking unbid Major. In the above example (i) Clubs+Spades and (ii) Diamonds & Hearts.

1NT overcall

This Multi 1NT overcall is used to show a strong 5-5 2-suited hand in the 2 lowest unbid suits. The 1NT bidder will rebid 2NT to specify this. If opponents opened with an alerted minor (short suit) then that suit is one of the two suits.  For example (1!) - 1NT - 2 - 2NT shows BOTH minors.