3 of minor: 2 Suited pre-empts


These openings each show 2 specific suits weak. with 5-8  LTC variant.
However it may be used for powerful 2-suited hands with <=3LTC!
The LTC count must be made conservatively. Unsupported Queens (no J) or unsupported Kings (no Ace or Queen) are to be counted as 1 & 1/2 respectively.
The range may be changed by 1/2 LTC in either direction - just make the necessary adjustments.

Direct 3 or 3 opening bids: 2D Opening followed by 3 or 3 rebids:
Notes:  Minor two suiters and both black suits are not covered.
However both Black suits should ALWAYS be opened 1S.
If opponents open the bidding use any of:
Cue-bid: Highest 2 unbid
2N: Highest + Lowest unbid suits. Valid in both 2nd &  4th positions
3C/3D: Strong jump ocercalls - shows bidded minor + highest unbid suit  (2nd position ONLY).
Bid_lower_cyclically: over a suit opening, 4th Position ONLY
Bid_highest_ranking: over a 1N opponent opening (rebid lower if necessary) in 2nd or 4th position (note with 4-4 or 5-4 we bid the lower!)
1N: Two lowest unbid suits. Valid in both 2nd &  4th positions.
With both minors overcall 1N in either 2nd or 4th position if the possibility arises.
  1. In the following text:  'Other'= Spades (3 opening) or Diamonds (3 opening). While following 2D opening: Spades (3 rebid) or Hearts (3D rebid). I.e. The HIGHER of the remaining suits.
  2. The disclosed shortage is always either a VOID or Singleton
  3. With 5 LTC prefer 2Ma opening, except with 6-5 or better
  4. With 4 LTC use judgement, but tend to NOT use 2C opening.
  1. Responder should consider his LTC w.r.t. partner's known 5-5 .  Any A or K or Q in either of partners suits reduces Opener's LTC by 1.
  2. Any Ace opposite a suit potentially of 1-2-3 Cards.
  3. An Ace oposite a declared void should never be counted!
  4. A King opposite a declared singleton should not be counted
  5. A King opposite a suit of potentially 2-3 cards may be counted.
Partners bids: