5+ - 5+

There are 6 sequences that declare a holding of two specific suits of 5 or more cards each and <=7LTC.

In BETA hands conforming to the above specification are NOT to be opened by either:
Your LTC counts should be made conservatively use Harrison Gray's definition.
Your HCP count is based on 4-3-2-1 from Goren. However Note that an Ace is worth 4 1/4 ,  but a Jack is barely worth 3/4!

You have reached this point with one of the folllowing routes:

  1. Directly in the case of these opening bids:
     2. Via a  2 Opening and a 3 or a 3 rebid:       3. Via an initial opening at the 1-level opening in Spades and a rebid of 3 Clubs  
      4. Via an initial opening at the 1-level opening in Diamonds and a rebid of 3 Clubs

Note: the sequence of opening 1H and rebid of 3C has another meaning: Confirms 5+ Hearts and 4 Clubs with  >5 LTC and <=6 1/2 LTC

 All the above concerns when your side initiates the bidding. Now BETA also delivers overcalls to show the same 2-suited hands when your opponents have opened with 1 in a 3rd suit. This determines 2 specific suits at the 3-level and specifies a strong <=5LTC or a weaker  6-7LTC.  See full detail in 2nd position.  Now the continuations regardless of who opened the bidding all follow the approach that follows....

Following all these sequences showing  5-5 or better the responder has the following possible continuations:

a) Chooses the contract! in either of the 2 suits exposed at the 3 or 4 level - and partner may make a further simple raise
b) Issues a 3N' forcing inquiry to obtain additional distributional information! This 3NT bid may never be passed.

Following a 3N 'shape' inquiry which determines additional shape information - inparticular where the shortage is as follows:
    Responder's bids: