2D Opening


2 opening is strictly Forcing and maybe any one of these 3 kinds of hand:

Initially the responder makes  one of these 3 responses:

Opener's rebid after 2H response

If Opponents intervene

a) Before responder who now bids as follows:
PASS if intended bid is either 2H or 2S and these bids cannot no longer be made
*** If a forcing 2N was intended.
b) Before opener's rebid
PASS if indicates weak major OR he can call the major if the bid is available
*** If a  balanced hand of 19-20. Partner continues with FULL puppet: i.e. every bid is a transfer.
3mi If a 2 suiter C-H or D-S
If intervention prevents a natural 3C or 3D bid then with 5-6 LTC a bid of 4C or 4D may be used competively

Opener's rebid after a 2NT response

Responders continuations

Following any Heart or Spade rebid (weak major 2)

Following a 2NT rebid showing a balanced 19-20

If intervention precedes responding to 2D
PASS weak
* Gives the message of able to make a forcing 2NT response  and promising minimum support in both majors too - a limit bid to 3 in either Major
2NT is still available for a game invitational hand opposite a weak 2 opening

If RHO intervention  (or from LHO) precedes opener's rebid
Double shows holding of the strong balanced hand or it may also be a 3-suited hand in the 3-suits other than that of the intervention if the intervention is higher than  their normal 3C/D bid.
If the normal bid is still available he may choose to use it - not obliged unless partner chose 2NT or equivalent bid. This is the normal style in Betaacol - Exception being in 2C sequences.