2D Opening


2 opening is strictly Forcing and maybe any one of these 3 kinds of hand:

Responder makes  one of these 3 possible responses:

Opener's rebid after a 2response

Opener's rebid after 2 response

If Opponents intervene

a) Directly over 2 opening:
Usually this intervention will be likely to be either a suit bid or a Take-Out Double. Responder bids as follows:
b) Intervention before opener's rebid:

Responder's Rebids

Following any Heart or Spade rebid (weak major 2)

Following a 2NT rebid or * by opener showing a balanced 19-20HCP

Following 3mi rebid (2-suited hand)

Show preference: PASS or correct (to implied Major). Also may bid game in Major with a weak distributional hand.
Bid 3N! distributional inquiry when able to explore Game or higher.
If opponents intervention is made at the 4-level: A stronger responder may warrant a 4N a distributional inquiry & a subsequent 5N would then be an LTC inquiry! BUT a 4-5LTC required for this!