Weak 2 Suited overcalls


Opponents open 1 in any genuine minor suit

Caution if opponents 1CD! opening is alerted.
Weak 2-suited overcalls 
Cue-bid                      Highest 2 unbid suits. Not available if  minor opening is alerted as a short suit.         
                                                    Then 2
are natural & a 5+ card suit, PASS with both Majors and await developments!
J2NT                           Highest + Lowest unbid suits, alerted minor bids are  ignored. So 1!-2NT shows Spades + Clubs
2NT                            When opponents have bid 2 different suits, shows the other 2 suits 5-5 weak competitively.
                                                    Note: Use double if strong.     
1NT                             Shows 2-lowest suits weak or strong even if minor alerted -  but rebids are different

Following a cue-bid or 2NT Partner chooses suit & level (jumps are pre-emptive). Bidding a 4th suit shows a good 6+ card suit and no fit. 3NT is played as a double fit and hand is playable at the 4-level. This is NOT to play in 3NT!!

Following 1NT partner usually bids 2C if his RHO passes. And usually passes if RHO speaks - except *** shows support in the Anchor suit.
If partner bid ***  Then bid Clubs pre-emptively.