Trustcott Convention

Note: This text concerns its usage in Betaacol ONLY
This convention is also known as Jacoby

It is used to show a solid raise of partner's opening bid (not an overcall) to at least the 3-level following any intervention by your RHO. It will imply opening values and does not imply anything at all about the opponents intervention suit

Trustcott is NOT used in these 3 cases:
  1. On pre-emptive values. [Direct jumps are used in Beta on distributional responses]
  2. Not used if opponents did NOT intervene. (In this case it is Baron - a strong blanced hand - see Baron)
  3. Not used if a passed hand. [In this case it's Natural showing 10-11 HCP balanced]
Our usage of Trustcott is also valid in these 2 cases:

  1. It is used in responding to both Major and minor openings
  2. It can be used over a 2-level o'call (without jump) but needs a 'Q' more in all  cases!
A valuable convention - use whenever available - and partner must be able to 'trust' that it is based on sound values - usually opening values!