3 Suited Hands


In this discussion we are principally concerned with 2 distributions:

A note on the 3rd & recommended distribution is presented in this page.

4441 & 5440 (& some 5431)

These distributions are the bane of ACOL & SAYC because they do not sit easily into the regular provided bidding methods. They cause 'lies' to be made (or distortions in the projected distribution if you prefer). Some ACOL tournament players do wisely use 2D to show 3-suited hands.

They do not fit comfortably as in reality they are truly in a class of their own, neither balanced or unbalanced: as Beta ACOL prefers to describe various bids.
Indeed they can easily end playing NT or suit games and sequences  need to explore this duality.

These exceptional hands with good fits can produce slams - so again good explorative sequences are required.

In Beta ACOL we try do give them  attention:
Many argue its not worth the bother as their overall frequency of occurrence is just 2.993% & 1.243% respectively - a total of only 4.24% rounded.

But as you see from earlier arguments, potential benefits from their segregation are more far reaching.

They have a spectacular probability of producing a fit:

Single fit: 80.3%
Double fit: 18.5%

Single fit: 88.3%
Double fit: 20%

Certain of these hands can be included:
Also a 3  card minor it should be headed by a minimum of either A or K or Q to open 1N.
Single fit : 82%
Double fit: 19%

From these figures clearly 5431 hands are worthy of inclusion.

Beta's aids for -suited discovery: