Inverted  minor sequences


These sequences are simple minor raises

1mi (1Y or * or 1NT) - 2mi:       10+ HCP, 4+ Clubs, Inverted minor raise is UNLIMITED, FORCING and denies a 4+ card major unless opponents made a T-O *
Otherwise as usual:
1mi (*) -  **                                         8+ HCP  Without fit
(*) -  new suit                                 < 8  5+ Card  natural
1mi (*) -  1NT                             Natural Sliding scale - balanced  8-10(1) or 7-9(1)
1mi (1Y) - *                                       8+
1mi (1Y) - Z                                       <8 Natural
etc See 1C sequences

-[opp] - 345 Pre-emptive  Always denies a 4 card Major that can be shown at the 1-level
1 -[any] -2NT Good raise to 3.
Similarly with Diamonds & with or without any intervention.
Opener's rebids after an inverted minor raise:
3NT:                                 Flat hand with guards in the other 3 suits and (14)-16 HCP
New suit:                           Shows a guard, a protected AK, in the bid suit & in the next higher suit cyclically too but denies a guard in the 4th suit. Partner can bid 23NT with an AK, otherwise to bid 3 of agreed suit or 4 with a shortage in the 4th suit. If partner continues by bidding the 4th suit the responder is inveted with a good guard to bid 3NT.
Rebid 3 of the minor:          Either: minimum  andor  lacking 2 guards
2NT: suggests  minimum and values are scattered mainly outside the minor - 12-13
Jnew suit                            15+ HCP lacking 2 suits guarded
Responder's other rebids following inverted minor initial response
PASS:                                Minimum: These bids may be passed: 3 of minor or 23 NT rebid
45 agreed minor                 Limit bids shows no interest in 3NT
Cue-bid in any other suit      Following opener's rebids of: 2NT or 3 agreed minor. Leading to minor game or slam (TURBO operates, Agreed minor remains as trump suit)