BETA Defence

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When opened without alert in

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Beta 2-suited overcalls

These are specified as holding 2  5+  card suits. 5-5 is the minimum distribution. Oher distributions handled are: 6-5, 6-6, 6-7, 5-7 & 5-8!
Traditionally BETA splits the openings into Strong:  <=5 LTC or Moderate: 6|7LTC. These are discussed separately below:

Strong 2-suited <=5 LTC o'calls

These are shown by our alertable 3!, 3! and 1N! overcalls as follows:

A:    1-3 or 1-3 (jump cue-bids in minors) show both Major suits: Ex:  1-3 shows           5+ Hearts & 5+ Spades strong
B:    1||-3 Shows Clubs & the highest unbid Major: Ex. 1-3 shows 5+ Clubs & 5+         Spades strong
C:    1||♠-3 Shows Diamonds & the highest unbid Major: Ex. 1-3 shows 5+                       Diamonds & 5+ Hearts strong
D:    1any(opp)-1N!-2! inquiry-2!  rebid shows the lowest 2 unbid suits strong:
        Ex: 1(opp)-1N!-2!(part)-2! shows Clubs + Hearts.
        Or If opps open 1|; then a 2 rebid shows both minors strong.
        If opps open 1; then a 2 rebid shows -Strong
        Partner can now show preference at the 3-level or 3N to request distribution.

For details of subsequent bidding sequences see 2-suited.where it joins 2-Suited opening bids on the same basis.

Weak 2-suited hands: o'calls 5 1/2-7 1/2 LTC.

A simple cue bid shows the highest 2 unbid suits: Ex. 1-2 Shows Diamonds & Spades
A 2NT o'call shows the highest & lowest unbid suits: Ex. 1-2N Shows Diamonds & Spades
1NT o'call and a 3 rebid shows the lowest 2 unbid suits: Ex: 1-1NT-2(Part)-3 Shows Clubs & Hearts
Again for details of subsequent bidding sequences see 2-suited.where it joins 2-Suited opening bids on the same basis.

Single-suited pre-emptive overcalls

Weak double jump o'calls in H's or S's. ONLY Ex.: 1-3. Note: Minor jump overcalls to the 3-level are NOT available in BETA (used to show strong 2-suited hands instead).
A weak minor pre-empt is declared by first bidding 1N and then rebidding 2 which partner relays with 2N and then your 7 card suit can be declared. Ex 1(O)-1N-2(P)-2-2N(P)-3mi. or anyother unbid suit or at any level!
Reminder: A direct 1-3 shows a strong 2-suited hand 5-5 or better in -. See above.
Such minor pre-empts do little harm to your opponents. So the sequence left available is a little bit torturous - but efficient.
Remember too: your option remains to pre-empt directly at the 4+ level in any unbid suit: 1any-4mi. Even 1!(opp)-4.

Other 1NT Overcall candidates! - special distributions

A Take-Out Double (T-O *)

"The most economic and most frequently used forward moving bid when opponents open the bidding."
One might be wondering : Whats's left! Answer plenty!

Its now easier to specify some 'special' hands: NOT T-O * material - the exclusions!
So what is left! Either:
Any  16+ HCP hand excluding 2suited[5-5] & 3suited[4441 or 4450] suited hands - It may contain a 5+ card Major or minor.
12-(16) HCP
At least 3+ cards in any unbid major &
Preferably at least Hx in any unbid minor
PASS Only when one has nothing to say! or simply cannot.....or say
when holding substancial values and /or length in opponents opening bid suit
In this case you need patience and a good partner! Who will re-open the bidding with a protective double. this is common practice amongst the stronger players.

A T-O * is used in the following cases:
All singled suited 16+ HCP hands
All hands with 2-suits one of which may be the opponents suit
All three suited hands below 16HCP
All 16+ 3 suited  hands one of which IS the opponents suit (Strong genuine 3-suited in unbid auits are overcalled with our multi 1NT.

For details on responses and subsequent bidding see our  T-O Double page.

These extensive and very important sequences have been separated to their own pages.

Finally o'call with moderate single suited hands <16HCP

Simple suit overcalls

The hand must not be appropriate for either a T-O * or any of our 2-suited or multi 1NT overcalls or weak 2 o''calls

A suit overcall at the 1 level can be made with a 4+ card major. Requirements for this are  (7)8-14 HCP which can be shaded if the suit is longer. 1 quick trick is also a fair requirement. 
A simple overcall at the 2-level mostly requires a 5 card suit, 1 1/2 quick tricks & 9+HCP.

Occasionally when 5-4 we are forced to overcall in the 4 card suit rather than in the 5 card suit as we lack 9 HCP - this leads to a 'canape' type sequences. Similarly to our initial emphasis on Majors I temporarily left aside a quality 5+ card minor and started with the Major anyway!.

In general Beta's philosophy is Majors first , then the minors while keeping a close eye on suitability for a NT contract. This mantra pervades BETA.Whether leading the bidding or in contesting the auction.

Other competitive bids available

Intermediate jump overcalls in a major
With a 6 card major we make a 2-level overcall following vulnerability as follows:- Non-vul: 8-12, Vul 10-15

Long minor
Bid 2 of a minor 6+ card suit may be bid on a weak hand with  <9HCP! However there is an obligation to rebid the suit to show weakness at your next bid (unless partnered PASSed or opponents are onbidding.) the intentions of these bids is to rob opponents of their bidding space.Partner should also exercise caution when partner bids at the 2 level in a minor and not jump too quickly to game.....

Overcalling 4NT
This shows both minors but too weak in LTC terms for other routes - partner to choose the minor unless opponents soldier on.

Pre-emptive bids
These have the same aim. These can be made with double jumps at the 4-level in a minor or at the 3or 4 level in a major. These bids command a long suit (7)8+ cards and strength unfit for solid opening bids.
These double Jumps overcalls to the 3 or 4 or 5 levels are single suited hands with  long suits - just designed to rob opponents of significant bidding space.

3-suited hands
BETA makes little facility for these rather rare hands! However if you possess the other 3 suits our 'multi' 1NT provides this capability with a 1N overcall and a 2N rebid. - but this may only be used for strong hands of 16+ HCP and 4441 and 5440 distributions. Partner is then expected to show preference at the 3-level or higher with a 4 card fit..