2-level Convention Defence


We covered natural pre-emptive bids here.
These days the following conventional 2-bids are frequently met:

Multi 2

Many opponents attempt to intervene in our Multi 2D sequences and have had their hands badly bitten! The reason opponents fail is easy to understand...Our 2D opening can be a very strong balanced hand with 19-20HCP - thats already daunting, but also we may have violent distribution in a 5-5 or better - this means voids and singletons and their suit splitting badly - or we have a disguised weak Major 2 hidden until the rebid....
Best advice is just PASS on the first round of bidding unless you have something really specific you have got to say to your partner!
Once the rebid is made then thast's the time to enter the bidding as now you have got to know which strain you are against!

Lucas 2's


ACOL 8 playing tricks

See our defence against strong 2's below. The difference is simply that the opener is single-suited and is now declared. Now its a question only of competition - basically to what level can one compete..

Strong 2's with game+ intent.

Even One level strong bids are infrequently attacked!  See our defence to them here.
Do not use the following recommendations against less than potential game forcing bids the like of  BETA's 2Ma openings for example.

Its even rarer that I see any attempt to disrupt strong two level opening bids!
Be extra careful at adverse vulnerability - bid with extra length or strength.
They have already sacrificed the whole of the 1-level and still their shape and strength are not even exposed to partner.
Usually the opponents are unlikely to be 2 suited:  As the bidding space remaining is rather thin to explore both when neither is yet known!
Due to this they prefer a 'waiting bid' over an ACOL 2 for example: usually 2, so allowing the opener to make a fundamental statement on rebid e.g NT based with a 2NT rebid or naming their suit otherwise e.g bidding 2 or 2 at the 2-level and a minor at the 3-level.

Intervening will disrupt any bid other than 2
that your LHO had in mind BUT its a bid of 2N or higher that will really have an impact on their common sequence of:

-2-then 2N, 2, 3S, 3mi etc.

So it has to be  a 2N or higher intervention to be a worthwhile intervention anything lower is likely to be more helpful than hindrance to your opponents

So these are our TWO recommended possibilities:
My preference is to rob them of a further bidding level!

Bid 2N showing an unspecified 7+ card suit is one option - Partner to bid 3
if RHO passes - this will be corrected by  partner if necessary.
The other recommendation I advocate is the possession of a 5-5 or better. Having bid 3 of the lower ranking. partner to bid +1 without support unless RHO overcalls.

Partner will correct to his 2nd suit if necessary. This is not a bidding war - just bidding space robbery! So once opponents come back into the bidding LEAVE WELL ALONE ------PASSssssssssssssssss. Don't try to compete! We have achieved bidding space robbery and possibly given little away!