Supplementary Details


3-suited hands

3C shows Clubs & Hearts; 3D shows Diamonds & Spades

3C & 3D are 2-suited partner must choose DH or HS respectively OR force with 3N

CDH (Clubs, Diamonds & Hearts)

2C Shows  Clubs and One or Two higher suits 4-4 or better
2D Shows Diamonds and one or two Majors 4-4 or better
2H Shows Both Majors 4-4 or better

Rubinsohl (2NT, 3C, 3D, 3H, 3S)

Used over 1NT and weak twos - usually a 6 card suit or very good 5 card
All Rubinsohl bids are transfers & * is a T-O
Also used after 1NT * ?
All are transfers showing 5+ card suit &  ** is a T-O showing equal length in minors asking partner to choose, while 2C & 2D are preference bids to stop.
Rubinsohl is also used after 1NT-2X-? with bids of 2N & 3-level transfers.
As above but transfer to X or indicated suit, shows 4 cards in a highest unbid major
All are transfers AND after 2NT-3C  PASS,3D,H,S are to play & promising a guard in X or its indicated suit.

1NT Overcall

Usable in 2nd or protective positions..
Responder must bid 2C if RHO passes, 2D is available if Diamonds is the anchor suit  OR if RHO bids: PASS or * with support for anchor suit
2 Anchor suit         To play
3C                           Promises the lowest 2 unbid suits (one of which is the anchor suit). This is a weak 2-suiter. If Hearts is one of the suits 2H.                           Strong 2-suiter in the lowest unbid suits
2NT                         3 suited in the unbid suits 4441 or 4450 - opponents suit eccluded. Partnerchooses his best fit
2S                            shows a minor pre-empt, doubler bids 2N to ask which.
2D(if available)         2D Distributional 2C.
3Anchor suit             Strong (15)16+HCP, & 6+ card suit
3Opponents suit        Strong 3-suited hand (same suits as 2S above) (17)18+ HCP
3anyother suits          Strong 6+ card suit, 16+ HCP,   and 4+ cards in Anchor suit                

2C Opening: Responses
2D: 0-4 No Ace or King
2H: 1Ace or 1King or 2Kings
2S: 2Aces OR 1Ace + 1or 2Kings OR 3 or 4 Kings
2NT: 5+ No Ace or King
3NT: 5+ KC A=2, K=1
3X: No Ace or King 7 card suit
Trump Request: responses
Step 1: Jx or less
Step 2: Jxx or less
Step 3: Jxxx or less
Step 4: Qxxx or more

Control Request: responses
Step 1: No 1st or 2nd control
Step 2: 2nd round control (King or Singleton)
Step 3: 1st round control (Ace or Void)
Step 4: AK or AQ or A singleton

Interference in 2C Sequences
Before responder (NT bids included)
  1. PASS: step 1
  2. ***:  step 2
  3. Next:  step 3
  4. Next+1: step 4
Before Opener rebids (NT bids ignored)