General Description


General Description of Bidding Methods: Natural, an ACOL derivative with 4 card suits & weak NT

1NT Opening: 12-14, Shaded in 34th position 11-13.

    Shape constraints: 7-8 minor cards, a major singleton AK allowed
    Responses: 2 is NP Stayman;2 are RST; 2 13+; 2NT 12; 3X Forcing; 4C transfers to 4
    Opponents *: PASS, Clubs & Diamonds: Natural; ** asks T-O;2:both majors; Rubinsohl
    Opponents overcall: Minors! * Natural; Rubinsohl+extensions

23-level openings & responses:

2:near game force. Responses show number of controls (Kings & Aces)
2: Multi Forcing 3-way. Responses 2(pass or correct), 2(Hearts), 2NT Forcing. Rebids: NT 19-20, PASS or 2or 3 weak major two; 33 3-suited 18+ HCP.
2S: 5-4 or better, strong 4-5 LTC Non-forcing. Responses:  2NT inquiry, Raises: limit bids; others Forcing
2NT: 21-22 May contain a 5 card suit. Responses: Puppet
3: 3-suited. Shows ++S 15-18 Non-forcing. Responses Next suit: relay to Next+1; Raises natural; Others coded.

Aspects opponents should note:

No requirement for reverses
1NT rebid 12-16
2NT rebid 12-14
Inverted minors are used even if RHO overcalls, but a Major is not hidden
Jump rebid by opener in a a new suit is short suit with top controls
1NT overcall is 'unusual': weak or strong with 4+ cards in lowest unbid real suit
1NT rebid is 12-16 HCP Balanced
2NT rebid after a 2over1 response is 12-14 HCP Balanced
4NT meaning depends on context
2 sequences use asking bids for trump support and Controls in side suits

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