Definition of a Break-out

A break-out is a bid made by the responder showing a (6)7+ card suit in a weak hand5-9HCP -

A break-out bid is a STOP bid as far as the responder is concerned and is usually passed.

In most cases the break-out is made in a minor - in a few circumstances it may also be in a Major too where indicated below.

 The following is a list all the situations in BetaAcol where a Break-out bid may occur listed by opening bid or T-O *

  1. Multi 2D opening: Only minor break-outs.
    • Ex: 2D-3mi. This shows a 7+ card suit. If the 2D was a weak 2 then this break-out should be passed. It will usually imply no good support for a weak major. The logic is that the 7 card suit will produce more  tricks through ruffs  and be safer than allowing partner to play in 2Ma. A strong partner, 19-20 Balanced may bid on if holding 3 card support for the minor to 3NT or possibly a minor game.
    • Breakout is still valid if an opponent intervenes with a Double or 2Ma bid: 2D-2Ma(opp)-3DC
  2. 2Ma openings: Only minor break-outs.
    • Ex: 2H-3mi. Shows a 7+ card suit and explicitly denies support for opener's Major.  Eg V or S or small doubleton at most.
  3. 1C opening: Breakout only minors!
    • Ex: 1C-3any. A 3-level response shows a (5)6+ card clubs suit or 6+ card diamonds. Valid over interference too. This is not to be confused with 2-level responses which are natural  showing good values. 1C-2mi 10+ 5+ cards & No 4 card major.
  4. 2C openings: Breakout bid is made beyond the 4th step
    •  NEW suit is a break-out 7+ cards OR 6 cards headed by the Q
    • Ex. 2C-3CDHS.   All breakouts directly in response to a 2C show 0 cntrls
  5. 2C openings - response to a TRUMP REQUEST. Again a breakout is made beyond the 4th step
    • Ex: 2C-2H(shows 1-2 cntrls)-2N(trump request in Hearts)-3N(club breakout) or 4C(Diamond breakout)or 4D(spade breakout) 6+ cards. These breakouts deny holding more than xx in partner's request suit.
  6. Partner makes a T-O *. A breakout may be made at the 3-level.
    • Ex: 1H(opp)-*(partner)-3CDS are break-outs. Weak 7+ card suits <=7 HCP.  Note 2-level bids are 8+ HCP & showing 2-suits.
    • Ex: 1H(opp)-*(partner)-1S(opp)-3mi are break-outs
    • Ex: 1H(opp)-*(partner)-2H(opp)-4CDS are break-outs