3-suited  hands


Strong 18+ 3-suited hands

Note:  Cue-bidding is NOT used following 3 3-suited bids - slams are investigated by opener with ERKCB (7 KC!) Responder should never use 4NT ERKCB but has the option to go further if opener closes below slam level.
These are shown by 3 & 3 bids showing shortage in other minor & both Majors
Distribution is 4441 or 5440 only.

Stopping at the 3-level in the 'known' suits

  This capability is a critical safety manoevre to limit risk. As the bidding is already at the 3-level it is possible that it is already too high by 1 trick & even by two very occasionally.
These sequences may also be used if no fit is likely and game is out of reach
It is achieved by the following sequences:
   -   PASS - no 4+ card major
   -   3 - PASS  OR 4 

Game expectancy 3-suited hand (2D-2X-3mi)

3   -   4    Invitational
   -   4 - PASS
3   -   3N Good values in 4th suit with top controls AK and ideally an  outside entry, Excludes a 4 card major

Responder spots sure game (any at 5-level) & possible slam

3   -   34    ?  5Card suit - bid the suit; singleton Ace - bid 3NT; else bid 4NT 7KC RKCB!

Following these game FORCING responses, all of which are also FORCING:

5 Card suit: If shown at 3-level partner may raise to game or bid  anyother of partner's suits with 4+ cards. However if shown at 4-level then responder bids AS IF 4NT 7KC RKCB had been bid by partner (Echos of 2C sequencies)
3NT (singleton ace clubs) Responder can now indiacte preferred trump suit (forcing)
4NT 7KC ERKCB Opener is presumed to hold a minimum of 3KC!! The Key cards are 4 Aces, 3Kings in any of openers declared suits.
Step1 3-0
Step2 4-1
Step3 2
Step4 2+Q
Step5 3+Q

This is a major simplification over previous scenarios!