2nd Position



This text is sectioned according to the nature of the opening bid:

  1. 1 of a suit natural
  2. Alerted minor openings
  3. A 1 NT opening
  4. A weak '2' in any of DHS
  5. 3-level pre-emptive bids
  6. 4-level pre-emptive bids
1. Opponent opens with 1 of a suit - (neither alerted nor strong)

There are a considerable number of options available, not to forget PASS!

 T-O Double (12)13-15 with some support in unbid suits. With 16+ a double is Mandatory unless a more precise bid listed below fits like a glove!
 PASS. Nothing to say. Note: In this scheme of things, when holding strong defensive values in the opponents suit one is obliged to PASS and await any action taken by partner - preferably a  PD which can be converted to penalties if this makes sense. Note: a T-O double is not suitable in this case.
 Natural suit overcalls  Usually a 5+ card at 1-2-level. At the 2-level at least 1 1/2 Quick tricks is desirable. These bids have a wide range. Partner should treat them as a 3rd hand opening. Opener must correct if appropriate.
 Jump ovrcalls in a 6+ card  Major suit: intermediate values, vulnerability sensitive: NVul 8-11, Vul 11-14
 2NT: Weak 2-suiter. Shows Highest & Lowest unbid suits at least 5-5
 Cue-bid: Weak 2-suiter. 2-suited in highest 2 unbid suits 5-5; jump cue-bid same but strong.
 Jump cue-bid. Shows a strong 2-suited hand in the two highest ranking unbid suits
 3: Strong 2suited overcalls : The bid minor + highest unbid Major suit
 Pre-emptive double jumps in any new long suit.
1NT: frequently 2-suited 5-4 in lowest 2 unbid suits. Promises 4 card in the lowest unbid minor. Can be either weak or strong. Summary of possible meanings exposed by the rebid.
Note: a 1NT overcall offers  a number of other strong possibilities such 3-suited in the other suits or 6-4 hands (that's 4 in the anchor suit and 6 in an unbid Major suit at the 3-level.

2. Alerted minor opening bids

Defences are listed below:

1 Club Strong  16+
Beta advocates use of  TRAP strongly. This is very aggressive - as it needs to be!
If you still have a precision or similar system pair in your club  - try it out!
Essentially the idea is to rob them of their advantage of having more bidding room to manouver in and they will be less likely to double you in a 12 level contract when they have game potential
Pre-emptive bids with a good 7 card suit make for excellent defence - unlikely to come unstuck!
I am less confident of the utility of 5-5 2 suited overcalls

2 Club Strong 23+
Certainly more risk here - watch the vulnerabilities attentively!
Any intervention has a risk BUT when you disrupt their bidding and get a result it is worth a great deal!
A 6 card suit 2-level overcall can disturb any coded responses which an increasing number of pairs are favouring including Beta! rather than the old 90+% 2D response
However a really good 3-level 7+ card pre-empt can provoke difficulties eliminating a whole level of bidding.
More dubious are 2-suited overcalls at least 5-5 these can come backfire:  *: C+S; 2D: D+H; 2H: H+S; 2S: S+D; 2N: both minors. We don't advocate them over a 2C opening - Beta prefers an alternatively variation mentioned under TRAP.

1 Club Alerted 12+ can be <=2 Cards
Beta into this category!
Our primary advice is to call 2C with good values & a 5+ card Club suit! If you do not do this it can be very difficult to find a Club fit later on. On the other hand it also robs the opponents of any advantage that can be obtained with 1-level responses.
In the case of Beta, responder is no longer required to bid with 0-5HCP and will now give his normal responses with 6+ at the 2-level.
Weak jump overcalls are also available too.
A Forcing T-O double is available for solid opening bids 12+ HCP <=7 1/2 LTC with no upper limit with some support ineach of the other 3 suits.

1 Diamond Alerted 12+ can be <=2 Cards
Same advice as for 1C! above - bid 2D naturally with a 5+ card Diamond suit
Weak jump overcalls are also available too.
A Forcing T-O double is available for solid opening bids 12+ HCP <=7 1/2 LTC with no upper limit with promising minimum support in each of the other 3 suits.
Overcall a Precision artificial 12-15 opening bids as follows: bid your shortage suit - can be met very effectively with a 2C!  shortage bid! Consider a 1NT! showing both minors; 1S can show a Strong balanced hand lsuch as a  1NT 15-18. opening.

2 Diamond Multi

Again Beta uses this opening in a 3-way style.
Over alerted minor openings we advocate:
PASS unless the following suggestion is available.
* is a 16+ Take-out double short in Diamonds.

3. 1NT balanced opening (12-14 ...15-17 and all 3 point ranges in between

Note: Over 15-17 NT the following remains valid but when vulnerable exercise serious extra caution.
When non-vulnerable the risks are greatly reduced.

Note: When vulnerable exercise more caution too - more distributional: e.g suits 5-4-3-1 or better
Our preferred 2nd position  defence:
 CDH & Rubinsohl
2 5+ card natural

*2*: T-O Double         15+ HCP may be passed ONLY when expecting penalties. Usually  6+ HCP.
Otherwise Partner's action with 2 suits (one a minor): CD: It is conventional now to bid 'up-the-line' - a wriggle may then take place if any bid is unacceptable (0-2 cards) in an attempt to get out in a higher ranking suit and hopefully a better fit. Wth 3+ card support partner's bid should be passed unless guaranteed a fit in any higher suit. Bidding should not pass 2NT except with a 6+ card suit. Note: a 4333 hand my require a 2C bid on 3 ca higher suitrds!
Single suited hands with a 5+ card Major may be bid directly in response of a T-O Double.

If RHO bids Redouble alerted (conventionally usually weakness asking for a 2C rebid which he may PASS or name his 5+ card suit.)  PASS is the usual bid  if preferring penalties. Otherwise bid 2 any as above.then  PASS  can be the best option unless holding a good quality suit which can now be shown naturally at the 2-level. If the redouble is natural (to play) Bid your 5+ card suit (taking out your partners double) or PASS with 6+ HCP

Opponents open 1 Club Strong (16+) - E.g. Precision
Any club length
  See TRAP

Opponents open 1 Diamond Precision
See BetaAcol Suggested Defence
Based on principle of treating artificial bids ARTIFICIALLY!
In particular we do not overcall holding a Major - unless making a weak 2 or 3 Jump overcall.

Opponents open 1mi! (12-15 and alerted as possibly 2 or less cards)
Beta uses an alertable 1C. Beta 1C worst is a minimum of 2 cards ih regular distributions
1NT multi: See 1NT overcall for complete details uses are the same as given above too. Note: Anchor suit is always lowest unbid minor and at least 4 cards..
2mi: (opponents minor!). Natural 5+ card - Not both Majors
All other bids are as given above over 1 of a suit openings. Exception is the loss of the cue-bid which is now natural
 as above
(There is an alternative defence, rather complex, only played by agreement - see Math6 'Attack is the best defence') Not currently in betaacol standard *4*           
Protective Double   Up to 14(15) HCP