2 Major opening bid


All 4 of the following requirements for any 2 Major opening must be present:
a) 15+ HCP usually, but acid test is a strict 4-5 LTC, only usual exception for <15HCP are more distributional holdings: 6+-4 or 5440 or good 5431
b) 5+-5+. distributions - except Spades - Clubs  see 2D and 3C/D openings.
c) With <4LTC open 2
d) Distribution: 5+ card major & a 4+ card  suit OR a 6+ Card Major
e) 5431 preferred to 5422 - with a minimum 5LTC & 5422 distribution consider opening 1 of the 5 card suit and rebidding the 4 card suit.
f) A 5 card Major should be headed  by at least a top honour: A or K -. If not: open 1Ma. 
g) A 6+ card Major and no 2nd suit  requires a minimum of 2 top honours.

These 2Ma bids are structural in the system. They reduce the top end of a major opening to about   15(16)HCP - giving a usual maximum  range of 10-(16). (For a balanced hand or flat hand with only a 4-5 card major the upper limit is (18} HCP; (18)19-22 HCP hands are either opened 2D or 2NT and puppet resolves the Major)

Note 1: These openings are non-forcing. Alert as 'strong non-forcing'
Note 2: The first rebid by opener (except when partner makes a raise) distinquishes 2-suited 5+-4+  from 6+ hands.
Note 3: In the sequence 2H-2S, opener must show a 4 card spade else rebid as if partner had responded 2NT
Note 4: 2S & 2NT responses are both Forcing & Inquiries to explore opener's distribution - promising hand to be playable in at least 3 of partner's major
Responder's bids:
Opener's rebids following: 2 or 2NT Forcing responses:
Responder's rebids:
Opener's 2nd rebid clarifies distribution as follows:
Further bidding by either partner:
Ex1: 2H-2N-3C-4C-4D - a cue bid
Ex2: 2H-2S-4D (agrees spades and a cue-bid
Ex3: 2H-2N-3mi-34H to play OR 45 mi to play OR any new suit a cue-bid indicates undeclared support for one of opener's suits. TURBO follows...