2C Responses

The Classic response is 2D most of the time. We think this is wasteful.

Counting each Ace as 2 and each king as 1 cntrls - find the total then:
we suggest the following 4 step responses instead!

2D        0 Cntrls
2H         1-2 Cntrls
2S         3-4 Cntrls
2N         5+ Cntrls

If  holding a 7 card suit bid it at the 3-level instead of bidding 2D.

These responses give the 2C opener a strong indication as to the level the bidding can reach and some idea of the number of losers he could have.

There is  another benefit when investigating a possible slam with a 4NT bid that asks for the number of Kings held ,
Answer steps  0, 1 ,2, 34
This answer immediately gives the exact number of Aces; only if it is 3 or 4 Kings is there doubt - and that only when the 4NT  bidder has none!

Although opponents interfere rarely over 2C  one still needs to know how to handle it. We advocate the following 4 step responses:-

Next suit
Next+1 suit

This can also be used over any intervention following a 4NT request!

Beta also uses this and more in a question answer style see our 2C system