1S Opening bid



Due to the critical need to enter the auction when holding a  spade suit: the requirements are significantly lowered by comparison of other suit openings:
Due to the structure of our openings 1 Spade is always showing 5+ cards. Only clubs could be also 5 card!
Our 1NT opening bid will never have a 5 card suit in Spades (nor in Hearts or Diamonds either)
There is an equally important upper limit specified for a 1 opening - leading to these other openings in order of preference:
  1. With 7 1/2 LTC or less & 5-5 or better: In the majors open 3D, with Diamonds & Spades open 2 and rebid 3
  2. With balanced hands with 5 Spades we open: 2 with 23+; 2N with 21-22 & 2 with 19-20 & rebid 2N
  3. Single suited hands with 5+ Spades and 3 1/2 LTC or less: Open 2C and rebid with a Spade Trump request
  4. With 5+ Spades and 4 in any other suit with 4-5 LTC : open 2 and rebid +1 in the other suit if partner bids either 2N.
  5. With 6+ Spades and 4-5 LTC: open 2 and rebid 3¦4 with 5  or 4 LTC respectively, when partner inquires with 2N.

Also see Defense when opponents open the bidding before you and Intervention when  an opponent overcalls you


To  Jump in ¦¦: Shows a GOOD 5+ card suit & (15)16+ HCP. Shaded to 15 only if holding minimum support for spades - i.e. 1st step not permitted. This is a trump request. If the response is a negative the responder gives a trump request response to the opener's suit! If a positive response is received - the trump suit if fixed unless 3NT is subsequently bid - and cue-bidding follows. 4NT is TURBO following in any cue-bid(s) sequence.
2NT: BARON (15)+ HCP balanced hand (no 5 card suit) can be shaded to 15 ONLY with minimum support for Spades - Qx or better - 2nd step trump response. A Baron bid invites bidding up the line for both players up to 3NT. A rebidded suit shows 5+ cards any missed suit denies 4 card holding.
Note: over any intervention 2NT becomes Jacoby showing 4+ card support and payable at least at the 3-level.
2: Needs minimum support: Hx or xxx & 4-8(9). This is can be somewhat pre-emptive or a sound raise. Opener can rebid in a new suit trial-bid. with 15+.
3: Limit
4: To play
4¦: See SWISS bids. Shows 4-5 card spade support, a balanced hand & a solid raise to 4 - available even if opponents intervene! Note: In Beta direct splinter bids are NOT used.
2¦: Response shows a good 9+HCP. Minimum requirements are a 4+ card suit headed with Ace¦King. This must be adhered to or partner may miss a game.
2¦: Can also be a 6 card suit and 5-9  HCP. Subsequent Rebid of 3¦ shows this and is a STOP bid (this is always true in Beta that when responder rebids his initial response!)
Cue-bid: When 1 was an overcall. This shows invitational values 13+ and <3 card spade support and no 5 card un-bid suit. Forcing for 1 round. Overcaller can rebid a 6 card Spade suit;  show a second suit; else 2NT minimum.
2: Shows a 5 card suit & 10+ HCP
1NT: Ideally 5-7(8) HCP especially to cater for when holding a 5 card red suit, a special 2! rebid (non-forcing) requests a  red suit suit or PASS , or chooses between the black suits.
The logic behind the sequence 1-1N-2! Where 2 is artificial is given below,

Rebids by opener

1-1NT-2!-?   To be used to improve the contract. Responses in order of preference:
1-1NT- 2To play. Usually shows a 6 card suit.  10+

1-2¦¦ -?   Normally forcing responses 10+ HCP.  UNLESS responder rebids his suit at his next bid.

Responder's rebid following a Trump Request

If Partner gave a negative response to your trump request you MUST now  show support for  partner's opening bid if available (>Qx)  or  bid a 2nd  suit or 3N...
If partner gave a positive response this sets the trump suit.
However a 2nd step response showing minimal support may not in your opinion set the trump suit. In this case your options are:
If you or your partner rebid their suit it shows a standalone suit, becomes the agreed suit. Cue bids, slam bidding or simply bidding gam are possible continuations.

Finally 4NT, is RKCB if no cue-bids have been made, this also a tacit acceptance of the previous bid suit as trumps is set.
After cue bidding TURBO is employed.