1NT opening 12-14 HCP adjusted


Shape Constraints

This text is written for a 12-14NT. This system may be played with other 3 point ranges of balanced hands or even a variable NT - adjust as required. Nevertheless we strongly recommend the weak 12-14 NT as it importantly limits our 1 opening. See differentiation of  1Club or 1NT opening note.

There are a number of strict shape & HCP constraints:

Responses are outlined in the following table. Similar to ACOL we use a NP 2C inquiry & RST  and PASS with 6-9(10)HCP. Here the similarity closes! 2N...3 are all Rusinohl transfers, 2 explores the minors.

2♣! 0+
 non-promissory inquiry
In Priority Order
4|4|4|4|5+ ,

2!|! 0+
 Forcing, 5+ major transfers
2| automatic
2 (12)13+
Forcing, Suggests values for 2|3NT
2NT: To play
3NT: To play
4-3 in minors
4's or 5's
Guard in Major
3 Game  values
or more
Transfer to 3NT with both Majors guarded length C>D 3NT Rubinsohl Transfer
To play. With both Majors guarded. Length D >= C
Flat hand

Forcing. Weak breakouts
or Strong
Rubinsohl Transfers -
Transfers to 3

Complete transfer
OR cue-bid only if OK for 4-level.
6+ card suit.
Any responder rebid in a new suit is game forcing
4| game values
Forcing, major transfers, 6+
4| distributional
Forcing minor transfers: 5+
PASS6..9 HCP 5 card |  

RHO intervenes with Double.:

PASS:         Equal minor length                                           Partner chooses better minor
2♣!            Diamonds longer                                              Partner bids 2D but may pass with 5|6 Clubs
**!               Longer Clubs                                                   Partner bids Clubs.
2! and higher bids as above BUT minimum raised: 8+ HCP. Trnsfers to majors now 6 cards if weak  May be 5+ cards if  12+ HCP
Note: No equivalent for 2 response available or desirable!

Continuations with no interventions:

Usual rebids with 2! NP staymanic inquiry: 1NT-2! are: P(4cards) 2♥|||3(5|6 cards)  However 2 does not simply deny a 4 card Major: it also shows precisely 4 cards in Diamonds & 3|4 cards in Clubs! Also no immediate Jump responses are permitted - one must first await news of a fit. When a 4 card Major is disclosed: openers distribution is known to be precisely 42|24 in the majors and {4-3} in the minors. The choice between responding 2 showing 4 cards or 3 showing 5 cards is to prefer a 2 bid (if partner calls 2N then rebid 3 )
 If  's are just 3 cards  the worst case for Clubs is 4 cards and the overall distribution is 3334. In this particular case PASS is best selected when responder is <10 HCP.

A direct raise 1N-3N is to play it of course claims some controls and length in both Majors! [Caution:- a raise to 2N is a Rubinsohl  transfer: showing a 6+ card Club suit!]
1N-2 shows values for at least 2N and usually a flattish hand
A 3 response to a 2 inquiry shows 5|6 cards in Clubs, but denies additional strength - not looking for NT contract at all -  just aiming at the best known fit!.
Usual rebids with 2! forcing inquiry aimed at a minor suit contract or possibly 2|3N, and  promises (12)13+HCP.  With 12-(13) rebid better minor - clubs if equal; if 14 HCP. If (13)-14 bid the Major with a guard else 2|3N.
A Rubinsohl transfer response shows a good suit. Opener can simply complete (not interested in game)
 the transfer or cue-bid (tacitly agreeing partners indicated suit) responder has shown 16+DP and a good suit 6+ cards. Either partner can terminate the bidding by returning to responder's suit.
Rare 4-level bids allow direct raise to Game in the Major to be shown OR invitational minor game suggestions too.

1NT-3   Transfer to 3N. This gives us 2 sequences to 3N i.e.. 1N-3N. The suggested difference is prefer 3S with Club length longer than Diamonds length 3-4, 3-5,4-5,3-6 . Else bid 3N Direct with precisely when Diamond length >= Club length i.e.: 4D & 3C or 4-4.

 All Rubinsohl transfers must be accepted by bidding denomination +1. A stronger responder may make any other bid - game forcing-.

1NT-2-2: or 1NT-2-2: Either weak 5 card suit or a 6 card with probable 8 tricks. Responder may raise to 3 of his major - invitational with the latter. Use NP 2 with a weak 6 card major. If responder offers game by raising bid 4 with a max or excellent cards (A's & K's rather than Q's & J's
If responder now bid another suit this is asking for help.

Rare game(+) going responses:

1N-4| transfers to  4|
1N-4|  transfers to 5|