1H Opening bid



There is a critical need to get into the auction holding either a 5+ card Heart suit or when holding both majors 4-4.
For minor openings Beta stipulates  <= 7 1/2 LTC.
Now for a 1 opening, as mentioned above, this is relaxed to <=8LTC &  >=10+HCP.
More specifically:
The upper limit for 1-level 5+ card Hearts suits is whenever the hand satisfies Beta's 2opening. requirements.
This upper limit is for hands of 4-5LTC either 6+ cards OR 5+ Hearts and a 2nd 4 card suit.
Other openings given preference over a 1H opening:
  1. With 7 1/2 LTC or less & 5-5 or better: In the majors open 3,  in red suits open 3, with Clubs & Hearts open 2 and rebid 3. Conclusion of this is that an opening of 1H will never have a companion 5 card suit!
  2. With balanced hands with 4|5 Hearts we open: 2 with 23+; 2N with 21-22; 2 with 19-20 with a 2N rebid.
  3. Single suited hands with 5+ Hearts and <=3 1/2 LTC or less: Open 2 and rebid with a Heart Trump request
  4. With 5+ Hearts and 4 in any other suit with 4-5 LTC : open 2 and rebid +1 in the other suit if partner bids either 2N or 2.
  5. With 6+ Hearts and 4-5 LTC: open 2 and rebid 3|4 with 5 or 4 LTC respectively, when partner inquires with 2N or 2
The above collectively set the upper limit for opening values of 1
Due to the structure of our openings of 1in a suit it turns out that overall opening of 1 Heart is likely to be: 85% with 5 cards 10+ HCP & 15% with 4-4 in both majors 10+ HCP. 3rd hand openings may be 4 card with good honours.
Note: With a 24{43} hand with 4 Hearts and a 4 card minor, Beta always opens in the minor

Also see Defense when opponents open the bidding before you: a 1 overcall is always 5+ cards - unless 4-4 in the Majors and 10+HCP - just like an opening of 1♥!

If your LHO overcalls your 1 opening or overcall, partner's responses are to be found under Intervention.

Whether you make a 1 opening OR a 1 overcall, partner will bid assuming you have 10+ HCP & <=8LTC.
With 6+ Hearts and a weak hand Pre-empt with a weak2 or a pre-emptive 3|4 level bid
If opponents o'call your 1 overcall|opening quality support and strength can be shown with Trustcott.

Responses without intervention (with more detail):

Also responder should allowing for  possible overcalls of <10 HCP.  Responses given for an 1 overcall  without any  further overcall are as specified above.

When RHO overcalls partner's 1 opening see handling intervention(trustcott) and 4/ show sound raises to at least the 3 & 4 level respectively; jump with weak & long 6+ card unbid suits; Double showing other hands & values commensurate with the level of the intervention; and finally Redouble shows 8+ HCP (10+ if 1 was an overcall).
Note: Trustcott cannot be used by a previously Passed hand - then it is natural showing 10-11-(12) HCP fairly balanced.

Rebids by opener

1-1-? (should always be treated as Forcing)
1NT           12-16 Balanced. A 2 Forcing Crowhurst inquiry which can be invoked with 9+ HCP. All continuations other than 2 are non-forcing
2|        Shows a 5-4 Hand
2             4 card fit 10-14HCP
3             (15)16-17 DP
3♣|         (15)16+HCP with a short suit (2-3 cards) with usually two top honours - not a support bid - a single suited hand with 5+ hearts or possibly 3433                           distribution. Denies a shortage.
2             6 card suit  11-14(15)
3             6+ card suit invitational
J2N           17-18 Balanced
4|         Splinter - shows shortage (0-1) agreeing spades 4 cards, FORCING
PASS         Not desirable, but may be the only option with 10-11 and minimal spade support

1-P(op)-2♣|-?   or  1-*(opp)-** or 1-1(opp)-* are all Forcing on partner. 
Note: A subsequent rebid by responder of 3♣| is a STOP bid, weak, <9 HCP otherwise usually (9)10+ HCP

Responder's Rebids

A rebid of his initial suit response shows 6+ cards AND shows <= 9HCP - i.e. weakness. This denies support  for partner's suits and shouldl usually be passed. E.g. 1-1-2-2-P
A rebid in NT's denies support for partner's suits however should normally possess 2 cards in partner's suits, 3 in partner's 2nd suit. 2N shows: 10-12(13) HCP, 3N shows: (13)14+ HCP. Natural limit bids.
A rebid in a new suit is strictly forcing. Shows support for opener's 2nd suit unless support previously indicated for opener's 1st suit. Promises a control in the rebid suit. Length of rebid suit is indeterminate. E.g. 1-1-2-2-?
Raising partner's 2nd suit shows 4 card support and shows sufficient DP values. If previously support is shown for partner's 1st suit then no preference is being made and opener will choose the declaration in cases of a double fit. E.g. 1-2-2-3♠-? or 1-2-3-4♣-?
DGR Sequences: E.g. 1-2-2any-3|4 Show game values and support in 's & a genuine 2nd suit ( in example).