1H Opening bid



There is a critical need to get into the auction holding either a 5+ card Heart suit or when holding both majors 4-4.
For minor openings Beta stipulates  <= 7 1/2 LTC.
Now for a 1 opening, as mentioned above, this is relaxed to <=8LTC &  >=10+HCP.
More specifically:
There is an equally important upper limit in terms of HCP  or LTC specified for a hand containing 5+ Heart suit. - leading to these other openings in order of preference:
  1. With 7 1/2 LTC or less & 5-5 or better: In the majors open 3,  in red suits open 3, with Clubs & Hearts open 2 and rebid 3. Conclusion of this is that the opening of 1H will never have another 5 card suit!
  2. With balanced hands with 4-5 Hearts we open: 2 with 23+; 2N with 21-22 & 2 with 19-20 & rebid 2N
  3. Single suited hands with 5+ Hearts and 3 1/2 LTC or less: Open 2 and rebid with a Heart Trump request
  4. With 5+ Hearts and 4 in any other suit with 4-5 LTC : open 2 and rebid +1 in the other suit if partner bids either 2N or 2.
  5. With 6+ Hearts and 4-5 LTC: open 2 and rebid 3¦4 with 5  or 4 LTC respectively, when partner inquires with 2N or 2
These mechanisms limit the opening values of 1 and outline of rebids without intervention are as follows:
Due to the structure of our openings of 1in a suit it turns out that overall opening of 1 Heart is likely to be: 80% with 5 cards 10+ HCP without spades & 15% with 4-4 in both majors 10+ HCP & 5% with just 4 cards & 13+.
Note: With a 4432 hand with 4 Hearts and a 4 card minor, Beta always opens in the minor (this further explains the low % of 4 card openings).

Also see Defense when opponents open the bidding before you: a 1 overcall is always 5+ cards - unless 4-4 in the Majors and 10+HCP! If your 1 overcall is not overcalled, in turn, by your LHO then your partner's responses are as if you opened 1 - bearing in mind that an overcall may be slightly weaker when non-vul than our 10+ HCP opening values!

If your LHO overcalls your 1 opening or overcall, partner's responses are to be found under Intervention.

Whether you make a 1 opening OR a 1 overcall, partner will bid assuming you have 10+ HCP & <=8LTC.

Note: Concerning 33{43} distribution - deciding to open
Open 1NT If in the range of your 1NT opening and as long as both minors respect  the minor suits  requirements.. Otherwise open 1

However a  1 opening  occurs with any 5+  Card suit and 10+HCP. The only exception is with 4-4 in the Majors.

Responses without intervention (with more detail):

Also responder should allowing for  possible overcalls of <10 HCP.  Responses given for an 1 overcall  without any  further overcall are as specified above.

When RHO overcalls partner's 1 opening see handling intervention. In short: 4 card support must be shown  with direct competitive raises; 2NT and 4/ show sound raises to 3 & 4 respectively; jump with weak & long 6+ card unbid suits; Double showing other hands & values commensurate with the level of the intervention; and finally Redouble shows 8+ HCP (10+ if 1H was an overcall).

Rebids by opener

1-1-? (should always be treated as Forcing)
1NT          12-16 Balanced. A 2 Forcing Crowhurst inquiry which can be invoked with 9+ HCP. All continuations other than 2C are non-forcing
2¦         Shows a 5-4 Hand
2             4 card support 10-14HCP
3             (15)16-17 DP
3¦         (15)16+HCP with a short suit (2-3 cards) with usually two top honours - not a support bid - a single suited hand with 5+ hearts or possibly 3433 distribution. Denies a shortage.
2             6 card suit  11-14(15)
3             6+ card suit invitational
J2N           17-18 Balanced
4¦         Splinter - shows shortage (0-1) agreeing spades 4 cards, FORCING
PASS         Not desirable, but may be the only option with 10-11 and minimal spade support

1-P(op)-2¦-?   or  1D-*(opp)-** or 1D-1S(opp)-* are all Forcing on partner. 
Note: A subsequent rebid by responder of 3¦D is a STOP bid, weak, <9 HCP otherwise usually (9)10+ HCP

Responder's rebid following a Trump Request

If Partner gave a negative response to your trump request you MUST now give a trump request response for your partner's opening bid.
If partner gave a positive response this sets the trump suit.
However a 2nd step response showing minimal support may not in your opinion set the trump suit. In this case your options are:
If you now rebid your suit at any level it is to play
If you bid a new suit it not only acccepts that the trump suit is set but is also slam try
Finally 4NT, RKCB, is also a tacit acceptance that the trump suit is set.