1 Opening bid & Responses



5+ card Diamond suit denies any 5+ card Major suit - [as then the opening would be either 3 (both red suits) or 2 (rebid 3 shows 's &'s)]
(10)11+ HCP & 7 1/2 LTC maximum.

Alternative openings that always take precedence:

2NT      21-22 Balanced -  's may be 4 or 5 cards in a balanced hand
2       23+ Balanced OR 5+ 's & <= 3 1/2 LTC
2        19-20 Balanced OR 5+-5+ in 
3   5+-5+ redsuits or Majors.

Structural conditions

A 1 opening requires a 5+ Card suit and it has to be the longest suit held. (Just One Exception Clubs may also be 5 cards)
Note: With a 6+ card Club suit always open 1 unless 12-14 & specifically 2236 then open 1NT!

Partner's Responses 1 - ?

It is important to note that there is a close synergy between 1 & 1 sequences in Beta.
In both cases we give priority to showing a 4+ card Major regardless of any other suit or even NT's
Therefore  the sequences  1-1(4+hearts) & 1-1(4+ Hearts)  and 1-1 (4+ Spades) also categorically denying 4+ Hearts and even if possessing support for Diamonds or even possessing longer Clubs!

The similarlity  does not end here,  if you hold both major 4+ cards you must show the Hearts first  regardless of their  respective quality or lengths. Beta can handle this  largely as the  concept of reverse  is not in play.

The similarity does not end here:
The synergy with 1 sequences is shown throughout the above.
One special rebid by Opener is 3 It announces 5+-5+ or better in the minors - this following any response by partner or any opponent intervention!
See:  Handling 5-5 Hands. 3N is the only forcing continuation by responder.

Opener's Rebids 1 - 1Ma

1                                  4+ card Spade suit - denies a 4+ card heart support (but with 3 card support Prefer a 1N 12-16)
2                                 4+ card Natural. 9+ HCP. Denies any Major interest
1N                                 12-16 Balanced. 2 Crowhurst inquiry available - Beta standard  See above 'similarities with a 1 opening'.
J2NT                              17-18 Balanced. Invitational. Opener denies a 4 card fit responder can show a 56+ card major suit - as over a 1NT rebid by transfer (5) rebid (6+)
or 3'Ma  (Splinters)   Shows 4+ card support and a shortage in Clubs or the other Major. Note in Beta Splinters are never used directly over opening bids.
2|3 Ma                             Limit bids without opp intervention, pre-emptive with opp intervention
2NT(trustcott)                  Sound raise to at least the 3-level following opp intervention.   
Jump in a new suit rebid    Beta Std: (E.g.:
2 other Ma') This jump rebid by opener is valid in all sequences. It                                             promises: (15)16+ HCP, A 2-3 card short suit with ideally 2 top honours, in a single suited                                          hand
 Rebid                        Shows a  6+ card suit. 10-14
  Rebid                        6+ card suit 15+HCP

Opener's  rebid after 1- 1NT -? [Responder has neither singleton or void]

PASS                      To play
                         Shows 6 Diamonds <15HCP
23NT                Natural, balanced limit bids
3                     15+HCP, quality 6+ card suit single suited hand
Jnew suit            Beta bid: (15)16+ Shows a Short suit (1)2-3 cards with top controls - Never                                   shows a void but a singleton Ace is acceptable.

Responder's Rebids 1-Y(1Ma or 2) - New suit(Z):  (Technically Forcing)

Responder's rebids 1



The stronger 2 response is forcing, 3|4 are pre-emptive Inverted minor

Responder's bids after intervention 1-any(OPP)-?

1N: Shows modest values 5-9HCP and may be passed.
A 6 card Diamond suit can be rebid

Double:  Negative double suggests unbid major shows 8+ at 1-level 10+ at 2-level - interest in unbid suits

2N: solid raise to at least 3

3: Pre-emptive (usually requires some distribution.
2Ma: 5 card suit moderate values  use Double with positive values always.

NOTE: Previously PASSed hand e.g. P-P-1

As above but:

2N:   11-12 HCP (previously passed hand only e.g. P-P|1-1-P|1Ma-2N)
1N: Similarly with 9-10HCP

Suggests guards in opponents naturally bid suit[s] or unbid suits if any.